In Balance Legal
Bringing balance to your legal case

Finding balance in life isn't always easy. Sometimes it means making some tough decisions.
If you need help ending a toxic relationship, restructuring a child custody or visitation agreement, or pursuing protection under a domestic violence restraining order, I can help.

My specific practice areas are:
  • divorce and legal separation
  • establish, modify, or enforce child custody and visitation
  • registration, enforcement, and modification of out-of-state orders
  • prosecute or defend domestic violence restraining orders
I offer family law representation in both full-representation and "unbundled" formats.
Full-representation is what most folks think about when they hire a lawyer. The lawyer takes a large retainer, asks the client some questions, and moves forward with the suit. The client controls the outcome, but the lawyer controls the means of the representation. It is a great model for clients whose cases are too contentious or complex to handle themselves, have large power-differentials between the parties, or simply do not have the time--but have the money--to prosecute their case.

The vast majority of my clients receive "unbundled" representation. Here, I serve as your "legal coach"--providing you advice, insights, research, and drafting of your pleadings. I help you understand the legal procedures and substantive rules. I do my work behind the scenes. You control how involved I am in the process. You walk into court--without me--to prosecute your case. Think of it like DIY law. I am your resource to be used however we agree is best for your time, money, and skills. Unbundled representation is an ideal model for clients who are smart, confident in their positions, but recognize that they need some help going into court. It also presents a significant cost-savings to clients who are willing to share in the legal work.

 "Just wanted to say thank you. I've attempted to get help in the past but never looked in the right places. It created a strong sense of discouragement. Angelina, you  have made me feel like I'm not alone and you actually care to put the time in to have justice served RIGHT. Thank you."
- Brian H., Child Custody Matter
"Angelina is so knowledgeable, compassionate, smart, and competent. Her experience and expertise are invaluable and I would recommend her to anyone I know! If you need help, call Angelina."
- Katie C., Victim Rights Matter
About Me

There are two types of attorneys: Those that became attorneys to make money and those that became attorneys to save the world. I'm in the latter group. Not that I have anything against money; I just enjoy helping people more.

Who do I enjoy helping the most? People like me: smart, working professionals with families who want to find a balance that works for them. Sometimes, that means making the hard decision to bring in household help or end a toxic relationship. I can help with that. Sometimes, that means chasing a dream to run your own public benefit corporation. I can help with that. Sometimes, that means something as simple as talking through your concerns and ideas to pin down the one that will work for you here  and now. I can help. 

I graduated from the University of Colorado at Boulder School of Law, the “girl next door” of law schools: pretty, collegial, and smart; and a master's degree in Public Administration from the edgier and more urbane Denver Campus. From there, I became a Judge Advocate in the United States Navy, serving in a variety of legal roles from civil legal aid to criminal defense to in-house counsel. I retired from the Navy in 2014. Since then, my primary areas of practice have been family law and internet business law. 

I'm licensed to practice law in California, Colorado, and the District of Columbia. I'm certified to practice before the Department of Veterans Affairs, military disability boards, and military courts-martial. 

For a more detailed description of my background, visit my LinkedIn page. 

When I'm not practicing law, you will find me playing with my children, sipping wine with my husband, or curled up with my headphones and a Kindle read.

Last leisure book I read: The Art of Asking, by Amanda Palmer
What wine I paired it with: Opolo 2011 Concerto
Most played song in my Spotify: Vintage, by High Dive Heart

Contact Me


2305 Historic Decatur Road
Suite 100
San Diego, CA 92106

I understand life is complicated. Talking to an attorney shouldn't be.
You may schedule a free telephone consultation with me through You Can Book Me.
Evening and weekend appointments, as well as field calls, are available upon request and may incur a nominal charge.